Vohne Liche tested ten (10) dogs with Naturich working dog supplement for thirty (30) days

As you very well know kennel life for a dog can be very difficult, even hard on them physically and mentally. We took ten (10) dogs and placed them on Naturich working dog sipplement, for thirty (30) days. We found that seven (7) out of the ten (10) dogs did show improvement. We noticed that out of the seven dogs the coach seem to be slick and shiny and their overall General Health seem to be better all around. They seem to maintain their weight, witch is great for us. We noticed that three (3) of the ten (10) dogs there was not much change. It could be do to their active life style or overall kennel behivor.

We believe that Naturich is a very good product and would recommend it and do to our clients.

We at Vohne Lichen Kennels would like to thank all of you at Naturich for allowing us to use your product and your friendship.

God Bless and be safe
Look forward to seeing you both at the next k9 seminar

Robert E. Roettger, Vohne Liche Kennels
Director of Military Operations / Vohne Liche Kennels West


I first heard about your product while attending the HITS K9 Conference in Dallas 2016. I stopped by your booth and you gave me a sample. I was skeptical but since my K9 has always struggled with loose stools, especially when stressed, I decided to give it a shot. After using your product he has not had a single loose stool. You have a lifelong customer.

I appreciate your product!
Officer C


It has been my pleasure to meet and get to know you at the past couple of Law Enforcement K9 events.

I have been working K9s for about 20 years. My two current K9 partners are Belgium Malinois. Although they do not do protection or bite work, they are narcotic/firearm detection trained and work daily.

I would like to thank you for the Naturich's K9 Finest product you offer. I was skeptical at first but out of desperation, tried the paste first to try and clear up some diarrhea. It worked immediately.

An ongoing problem I have had with my K9s had been stress or excitement diarrhea when we work. Y 'all suggested I try your product daily and even gave me a supply to get started. Within the first week, the diarrhea disappeared.

An added benefit I have found with the product is they have had less shedding hair loss and less stools. Less clean up for me is always good.

Again, Thank you for your product.


Dear K9 Finest:
This is our three-year-old black lab Thunder. Thunder's trainer Kentucky Top Gun Retrievers (Kytopgunretrievers@connectgradd.net) recommended Working Dog's Daily Supplement at six months. At 50 pounds, we feed her 2 cups of food per day plus one scoop of supplement which keeps her coat and eyes clear and shiny. Best of all there is less waste. She exceeds expectations in the field.

Glenn Bosch


As a K9 trainer and handler for several years I have access to many products which claim to be beneficial to the life of a working dog. One product which has proven itself through years of use with my dogs is the Naturich's K9 Finest Supplement. This supplement is the key component of my dog's diets every day. Some of the benefits to the dogs I attribute to the supplement are consistent weight, less shedding, nice coat and better energy. I recommend your product to other people in the K9 environment anytime the conversation turns to K9 nutrition and health.

Thanks for a great product.
D. Anderson


Hello, you recently came to the K9 conference in Nashville and I purchased one of the 5lb buckets of your product. I must say I am very impressed with what it is doing to all 4 of my dogs. They have only been on it for approximately 2 weeks and their coats are soft and the wild shedding has stopped. My retired K9 partner has more energy than ever and my current active K9 partner is showing more energy than before (didnt think that was possible). Thank you again for what you all are doing..


















We have battled for years with our working dogs having stress diarrhea and weight loss especially during competition and certifications. A kennel no matter how nice it is very stressful for a dog and so is competition, breeding, whelping, certification and many other things. Of course the first thing we blamed was the food so we switched and switched. Then we tried every supplement we could find online. Nothing worked! We pretty much just learned to deal with it. Our dogs looked good but we had a hard time to keep weight on some of them. So the solution was to add more food but that never worked out as it would go right through the dogs.


Then one day one of our longtime friends (a well-respected K-9 Trainer) came to visit us and told us about Naturich’s K*9 Finest Daily Supplement. Of course we were skeptical as we have tried everything on the market. Well, we had nothing to lose and received our sample the next day.


Within 3 days none of our dogs had diarrhea anymore. Less stool. So we had to order a 40# bucket. We were also shipping a Belgian Malinois female to a department in Texas the next day. We crated her the day before and she had very bad diarrhea. Well we had the Naturich’s K*9 Finest Dietary Supplement Paste and had nothing to lose. We gave her a dose and she has a nice hard stool before departure. Needless to say we are amazed by this product and we want to make it available to all of our customers.

Not only will this product help with loose stools it will also improve your dog’s overall health, less gas, less poop, better digestion, better hair quality. We would have never thought about offering a product on our website but Naturich’s K*9 Finest Products need to be made available to all dog lovers.

Birgit Hall | German Shepherds von Falkenhein & AK9 Police Dogs

















"I wanted to let you know of the success's that we have seen since using your products. My yellow lab, Jack, has always had a problem shedding. The central vac container in my home needed to be emptied every other day from all the hair we had sucked up. After just a couple weeks of using Naturich's K9 Finest Daily Supplement the shedding issue has been reduced by nearly 100%. We've even been able to reduce the amount of food we had been giving him.


The Dietary Paste Supplement is a an amazing product for those times when the dogs in the kennels show signs of an upset stomach. Once we see vomit or diarrhea we give the dogs a dose of the paste and within a few short hours they are back on their feet and ready to work. This reduces the amount of down time allowing us to continue to train and work plus it saves us time cleaning kennels. Add in the cost savings of taking the dog to a vet and you can see why I'm such a fan.


I've seen these results with my dogs as well as fellow handlers dogs. I really enjoy the idea that these products are all natural and the dogs enjoy the taste so there is no need to hide it in a pill pocket or force it down their throats. Thank you for introducing me to these products and for making my life easier and my dogs life healthier."


Jim Rutherford, Training Director | Action Canine Institute




"I have a one year old Yorkshire Terrier/Rat-Terrier mix female dog. She has suffered from dry skin and itching with dandruff. I started giving her the, "Naturich's Finest Supplement", about six weeks ago. Along with the benefits of better nutrition, I have noticed her dry skin has cleared up and the problem with itching has stopped. She now has a shinny coat with no visible dry skin. The supplement is the only change to her diet and is responsible for the improvements to her overall health."


Allen Jonas | Claremont, NC

We brought Buddy home from a local Adoption Fair. He was stressed from kennel life, the move, new food and under weight. Needless to say loose stools were the norm. We gave him some of the paste that night and the loose stools were gone within hours. He was put on a daily dose of the powder and he doubled his weight within a month.
Results speak for themselves.


D. Smith | NC

Leon our 7 year old Great Pyrenees was diagnose with Heartworm last summer. This treatment left him in really poor health. His hair was shedding at an alarming rate for several months. After he recovered his coat was rough and looked shaggy. I was introduced to Naturich's K*9 Finest™ Daily Supplement and witnessed a remarkable transformation. The dog hair tumbleweed in our yard disappeared and Leon’s coat became full and shiny.

His physical activity was also a huge change he went from a couch potato to a squirrel chasing and could jump up on the back of my pickup truck again. This product really works, and I, will continue to add it to my dogs ration daily.

Harry Myers | Statesville, NC

January 20th 2012 three days after my father passed away I decided to take ownership of a 14 month old male sable GSD “Luke”. Although Luke had a nice temperament and good blood lines the first thing I wanted was to see more weight on the dog. New home, new environment knew it may take a little time. Although I feed only Pro Plan Performance 30/20 this male in the weeks to follow was not gaining weight. I have had shepherds for 28 years have used many supplements in the past. Thought I would try “Naturich’s K9 Finest Powder for 4 to 6 weeks to see if I would see any results.


Needless to say I don’t put a lot of faith in claims. Luke’s weight 1 week after arriving at my home was 64 lbs. at Veterinary Clinic. Along with his Pro Plan food and Naturich’s K9 Finest powder Luke’s weight went to 78 lbs. in a matter of 12 weeks after starting the K9 Finest powder in February of 2012. Not to mention the stool consistency was more firm and coat appearance was Rich and Sleek. My Veterinarian and longtime friend expressed I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up this dog looks GREAT!!
Needless to say my young female “Onyx” a 6 month old ½ sister to “Luke” has been on Pro Plan Performance and Naturich’s K9 Finest from the day she arrived at my home in December 2012. I’ve been involved in and around working dogs for 28 years now and as far as “This trainer is concerned, “Naturich’s K9 Finest will stay as a major part of my program.” Thank you Naturich’s K9 Finest for paying attention to the need of the working dog!!

Stewart Bumgarner Competition K-9 | Conover, NC

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